Voice Rehabilitation

If you would like to book a voice rehabilitation consultation, please get in touch via email: hello@jennabrownmezzo.co.uk

In my work as a vocal health specialist I work with amateur and professional singers, actors, public speakers and other professional voice users to help them recover from vocal injury. I provide a range of services from basic vocal health education, assistance with creating a vocal hygiene routine, warm-up, cool down and safe practice strategies, through to integrative rehabilitation programmes. Together, we explore evidence and research-based vocal health and rehabilitation resources to build a bespoke programme to assist your recovery.

Many clients self-refer when they begin experiencing vocal challenges. Sometimes we work together for just a few sessions and at other times it is advisable to seek medical consultation before returning to me for more sessions following diagnosis and any treatment prescribed. Accessing services and understanding options is something that I can assist with. Clients may also be referred by medical professionals working in voice clinics. This usually follows a consultant diagnosis and a course of speech and language therapy.

My work is holistic and integrative, applying biopsychosocial principles to consider the impact of a range of life experiences and circumstances on the voice. I have wide-ranging training in key areas of vocal health and rehabilitation, including anatomy and physiology, endoscopic evaluation, understanding and treating vocal pathologies, counselling skills, mindfulness, health, diet and exercise and many others. These skills are integrated to create a bespoke vocal health consultation and recovery programme. This continuing professional development allows me to work with you safely and under the supervision and guidance of experienced professionals and clinicians.

I am currently completing the professional Voice Rehabilitation Specialist qualification with Vocal Health Education and will be be adding Laryngeal Massage Therapy to my services in the summer of 2023. I have training experience in UK voice clinics and working with ENT consultants and Speech and Language Therapists. I continually add to my skill set through CPD courses and networking with fellow voice professionals and work within a professional network of support and training.