A powerful vocal force...who communicates the text with vocal clarity and truthful emotion


Jenna's approach of working with the whole body rather than just the production of the voice is really effective. I found that her exercises made a significant difference to how easily I could sing.

Vocal Health Client

A versatile, experienced musician...with a natural voice, and solid reliable technique, and an innate ability to communicate vocal music to audiences in an attractive and absorbing manner.

David Ogden, Conductor and Composer

Jenna's techniques have allowed me to feel more relaxed when singing - physically and psychologically. Her guidance regarding the mouth and the tongue has improved the vowels of the choir in general which has led to a blended sound with more colour than before.

Exultate Singers Choir Member

A beguiling performance.

Bristol Post Review Mahler 2

The best Durufle Pie Jesu I have ever heard

Paul Walton, Assistant Organist, Bristol Cathedral

Nice Coloratura!

Robert Hollingworth

Singing is all about confidence, and Jenna can help you find that within yourself, which means so much more than critical comment or vocal technique, even if those things are helpful too.

Singing Student

Jenna's session was really good, both informative and enjoyable.  Everyone seemed to have a ‘moment’ where they felt or heard something change in their voice.  She gave everyone personalised attention and feedback which was great!

Sing and Sign Bristol

Jenna’s approach is more than vocal coaching; she takes a holistic view, and helps you to understand what is going on within your body and inside your head as you sing.

Singing Student

Jenna has a weight of tone, which carries easily across the orchestra, and both her articulation and tuning were spot on. Her phrasing was deeply musical throughout and showed that she had obviously worked hard to put across the meaning of the words, notably in a very touching 'Urlicht' in Mahler's 2nd Symphony. 

Tom Gauterin, Conductor