Vocal Performance and Education

As a soloist and choral singer, I work with a variety of groups on projects for concert, stage, radio, film and TV. My vocal education work includes singing teaching, teacher training, vocal health habilitation, choral coaching, and inclusive practice consultancy.


25 April 2023

Bristol Recovery Choir

Vocal Health Workshop

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13 May 2023

Exultate Singers

St George's, Bristol

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Jenna's approach of working with the whole body rather than just the production of the voice is really effective. I found that her exercises made a significant difference to how easily I could sing.

Vocal Health Client

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Voice Rehabilitation

Jenna is a vocal health specialist working with singers, actors and other professional voice users to provide evidence-based integrative voice rehabilitation.

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Singing Teaching And Vocal Coaching

Jenna provides a range of teaching and learning opportunities for individuals and groups, including children and young people, adults, professional voice users, teachers and musical directors.

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Research and Professional Development Opportunities

Jenna has been recognised as an outstanding leader in education and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. She presents engaging and personally tailored seminars, workshops and mentoring to teachers at all stages in their careers. As an early career researcher, Jenna has a rapidly developing research profile, publishing peer reviewed work and presenting at conferences internationally.

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